Wooden Handle Radiator Valves

Wooden Handle Radiator Valves


We replace many radiator valves, and over the course of time we have had many requests for wooden handles on the radiator valves. This is due to people wanting the replacement valves to look as close to their original valves as possible. Some have even requested them to be nickel plated like their originals were.

This led Paul to start hand making radiator valve handles. I turned around one day and said, 'what are you doing?', and he said he was making some wood radiator valve handles because customers keep asking for them. I think my fellow business owners would kill for a staff member like this!

Anyways, we started thinking that perhaps there are people outside of our service area that would want wood handle radiator valves when they replace radiator valves, so we decided to sell them to anyone.

We offer two types. Standard bronze finish and nickel plated finish. The valves are American made packless valves with teflon discs (not rubber like the imports) and we install handmade oak handles on them. Or you can get the same thing with a nickel finish added.

We sell 3/4'' and 1'' valves.


Shipping charges additional

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Wooden Handle Radiator Valves with a plain finish.     Wooden Handle Radiator Valves with a nickel finish.