Field Fabricated Reservoir Tank

Field Fabricated Steam Boiler Water Reservoir Tank

Sometimes when a boiler has enough fire to do the job, but perhaps not enough water content, it may be advantageous to field fabricate a water reservoir tank for the boiler. This can be done with just some plate steel, (we used 10 lb. plate for this).

By welding a rectangular tank instead of a round tank, more water is held in reserve for the boiler in a smaller 'package' than if the tank were round. Also by making a tank ourselves, we can get the tapping size we desire (big) instead of what comes on commercial compression tanks 'adapted' to reservoir tank use. The bigger tapping allows for better equalization of the boiler and tank pressure. The closer to equal, the better. Thats also why its better to mount the tank as close to the boiler as possible.

A sight glass and valves really are not necessary but do give the finished product more of a professional appearance and does aid in system evaluation. If shut off valves are used, it is imperative that a vacuum breaker also be included, lest one wants to collapse the tank.

You can view a page with pictures of a field fabricated tank by clicking the link here.