Need an Insulation Contractor?

Need an Insulation Contractor
The company to call is
Pure Seal
Torsten Hansen is the president of Pure Seal, and they spray foam insulation in walls and ceilings. I've seen what this foam can do first hand and it's just remarkable. We were on a job once where we were present to install the radiant floor heating system, and Pure Seal had sprayed their product on the inside of the brick walls. Folks it was -6 degrees outside and the room was still 50 degrees inside and the floor heating wasn't even installed yet. I was actually concerned the homeowner would change their mind about putting the heat in. The product is simply amazing and I highly recommend you have Pure Seal insulate your homes exterior envelope. Their contact info is:
Pure Seal
1300 West Hill Dr.
Gates Mills, Oh. 44040
phone 440-423-0900
fax 440-423-0335
And their web site is