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Freezing Pipes to Work Downstream

Freezing Pipes to Work Downstream
There are many times when its just not feasible to shut down the water to the whole house or even more so, to a commercial building or an apartment building in order to repair a section of pipe or replace faulty valves. Or worse yet, what if the main incoming valve from the street has to be replaced? That task usually involves coordinating with the local water department, and unless you have Cleveland Heights or Bedford water, good luck with that. So what to do?
Well, an option is to purposely freeze the pipe with a 'freeze machine' in order to make the repair or replace a valve so that just that area can be isolated. This is particularly handy in apartment buildings or in a house where the water department would have to locate the valve at the street to turn off. That valve at the street may not even work after all these years have passed.
So freezing a pipe is a viable option that should really be considered. You can view a pipe freeze here.
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