Lead In Your Drinking Water

Lead In Your Drinking Water
Water is called natures perfect solvent, and slowly erodes the piping materials into the water. Thats why lead in the drinking water is an issue. The lead can cause development issues in children. Thats why the EPA recommends flushing the water pipes before drinking from them.
Many of the older homes in the heights communities have a lead water main from the city connection in the street to the house. The homes most likely have copper pipes which have lead solder making up the joints. Most of the time a sediment layer of mineral deposits have coated the pipes and there is less an issue than it appears. Its a good idea to run the water at the spigot till the water gets cold (as cold as it will get) before filling up cooking pots or drinking from the spigot. The problem with the flushing method is that today, many of us have automatic ice makers on our refrigerators and may even get our drinking water from the glass filler built into the refrigerator. As you can imagine it is pretty darn hard to ''flush'' this line prior to using the water.
If you have small children, you may want to install a filter on the line to the icemaker and glass filler. The filter has to be capable of removing lead from the water. It should conform to NSF standard 53. And of course a filter is only as good as its maintenance allows it to be. THE FILTER MUST BE CHANGED PERIODICALLY!.
This is a link to NSF's filter standards.
This is the link to the EPA's site concerning matters of lead in the drinking water.