Condensation Induced Mold Pictures

This is really amazing. This is both gross and fascinating. We opened up a wall and found what you see in the pictures. We were just doing a remodel job, otherwise we would not have had the need to open up the wall. This is a common plumbing wall. There were two lavatory sinks on the side you see, and a couple of toilets on the other side of the room. It was in a commercial building so there was a pretty heavy use of the plumbing which kept the cold water piping pretty cold. When I first saw this, I figured there must be a leak in the pipe in order to promote this much mold growth. Nope, no leak at all. It was all because of moisture on the pipes as the pipes ''sweated'' on humid days. This establishment didn't use their air conditioning units and the humidity was also in contact with the cold water piping. For years we insulated hot water pipes to keep them hot. We really need to think about insulating the cold pipes also. Or at least pack insulation into the wall cavities that contain pipes.