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Shawn & Paulina's Steamer

Shawn & Paulina had an interesting job here. They had an original gas boiler that set itself on fire when the city sewers swamped during an unusually heavy rain. We replaced the boiler with a Peerless steam boiler and this time we put it up on 1 foot of block. Just in case the sewers back up again. The customers on this job were just a dream to work for, I mean complete with brownies, coffee and cookies! Steve took the old Mouat gauge off the original boiler and cleaned it up, restored the valve operation and repainted it. He then mounted it to the new boiler where it will proudly enter its second century of service. We used a different asbestos contractor on this job, and they did what I thought was the best asbestos removal I've seen yet. Very very clean. They were Team Environmental 216-687-8200.

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