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Singer Third Floor Bathroom

Another Joe Emery remodel project. This one is a third floor bathroom that was gutted. The water piping was replaced with pex tubing all the way to the basement and the tubing was fished thru the walls up to the third floor. Pex works really well for jobs where the tube has to be fished up walls. The drainage piping was modified to allow the sink and the toilet to flip flop positions. A hot water recirc line was installed and we looped it actually through the fixture tee's so that there is hot water instantly to the sink and tub. Our goal was to draw no more than one cup of water before it was hot. It works very well in this regard. The floor is radiantly heated with Rehau panels and Rehau tubing. The system is a water leg taken off the steam boiler via a heat exchanger. The floor looks like hardwood but is actually tile. The project came out looking great as do all of Emery Remodelings jobs. Its probably one of the nicest looking third floor bathrooms in the city.

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