lic. #22183

Curley Steamer with Water Preheater Tank

We replaced the old steam boiler on this one pipe system with a Peerless boiler and installed a Mouat style water column gauge. We installed two stage firing capability to this boiler. We also did something here that Steve did in his own house to save on fuel usage. A Lochinvar indirect water heater tank was installed as a preheater tank for the existing gas water heater. The way it works is after the boiler shuts off, a relay engages the Taco pump and takes the 212 degree water thats sitting in the steam boiler and will eventually cool down and waste its heat, and transfers it to the indirect coil and preheats the incoming cold water supply to the water heater. In winter the gas water heater may not even turn on as the boiler water will keep heating the preheater tank possibly to a higher temperature than the gas water heater would do. A tempering valve was then installed on the gas water heater outlet.

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