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Euclid Hts. Blvd. Guest Bathroom Remodel

 Guest Bathroom Remodel
Utilize the links to view the pictures. The guest bathroom at this residence is being remodeled at the same time as we are doing the master bathroom.  Emery Remodeling is the general contractor. We were subcontracted to do the plumbing and the hydronic heating. As with the master bathroom, the architect specified cast iron drain pipe to keep the noise level down as the drain stack goes down the dining room/kitchen wall. The standing cast iron radiator was removed and the heat source for the room will now be a radiant floor. The position of the new tub is the same as the original tub, however the location of the toilet and sink were reversed, putting the toilet against the far wall, which makes more sense. The finished product is really nice. The faucetry is simply gorgeous stuff.
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