lic. #22183

McCoy Water Boiler Refit

This was a refit job on a more modern installation that someone did probably back in the 60's. The difference between a refit and a new installation is that on a refit, much of the old piping and components is reused. On a new installation obviously everything is new. In this case, the owner wanted a modern boiler but didn't really want to replace everything. We can do this. We removed the Old Bryant boiler and plugged the chimney opening. Then we parked a Lochinvar Knight boiler just to the right of the old installation. The area where the old boiler was is reserved for a future installation of an indirect waterheater. The new boiler required hydraulic separation from the house piping and a Caleffi Hydo Separator was installed to do this. We kept the old control system for all the zone valves, and kept intact, but moved against the wall the zone valve station. It wasn't part of the job to move the zone valve manifold but we did it anyways because it made for a ''cleaner'' looking job. The venting was brought along the wall, and we had a glass company make a special glass block window with holes drilled through the glass. This makes for a nice look as far as penetrations go. We were close to the ground so we snorkled up the vent and air intake to stay above the expected snow level.

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