''We Got Steam Heat''

Recommended Steam Reading

Dan Holohan's We Got Steam Heat

If you have a steam system, be it one pipe steam, two pipe steam, it doesn't matter, you simply must read this book. Dan Holohan is the national steam guru, who travels around the country teaching contractors how to work on the old steam systems that time has forgot. He is very informative and light hearted. His works are written in a manner that anyone can understand. You will learn about your system, and what to look for in a contractor, and enjoy some laughs along the way. Its not technical reading. Its fun reading. Thats how he writes. You will learn more about steam, and more about contractors than you ever dreamed possible. If you own a steam system, you owe it to yourself and the long dead plumbers who put in the system to read "We Got Steam Heat" - the homeowners guide to peaceful coexistence''. Click on the link above and you will be taken directly to Dan's website where you can purchase a copy.