Wellington Garage

These people just moved into this house, and they noticed that there were huge gaps in the garage doors and that the plumbing from the bath room above the garage had been recently replaced. I told them it had probably froze and ruptured since someone had removed the garage radiator. They decided to have me put one back in. There are no more cast iron wall radiators made, so i chose a radiator seldom seen in a residence. Its a Shaw-Perkins radiator. Its narrow, which was needed, and its made to mount on the wall. Its not as much a radiator as its a convector. You can really feel the upward current of heated air rise off this radiator. That also was needed as i was really trying to heat the plumbing at the ceiling level. We had a really long below freezing period early in 2007 and while many customers had the bathrooms over their garages freeze, this one did not. This Shaw-Perkins radiator really perfomed well.